Affordable Pest Control for Phoenix, AZ, Residents Dealing With Bed Bug Invasions

Often, household residents don’t realize their home has an infestation of bed bugs until the population grows quite large. The Environmental Protection Agency urges people to be on the lookout for signs of the critters before this happens. You can hire affordable pest control in Phoenix AZ, when the invasion is in the early stages and when it has ballooned out of control.

Signs of Infestations

Since bed bugs are so small and hide so well, people don’t see them scurrying across the floor or crawling on top of the sheets. The first sign usually is an itchy bite or a few bites that appear as a small rash. People usually pay no attention to this occurrence since they figure they were bitten by a mosquito, gnat or similar insect. Eventually, they start seeing small bloodstains on the sheets and dark spots that indicate excrement from the insects.

The ability to hide effectively and to travel around the home makes them very difficult to eliminate. The bugs can gradually infest upholstered furniture, rugs and other features in the home. They bite people who sit on the furniture and pets that lie on the rugs.

Ongoing Pest Control

Households may want ongoing affordable pest control for Phoenix, AZ, residents after a large bed bug infestation appears to have been eradicated. The methods for detecting and managing the bugs in the early stages and after apparent eradication are similar. The idea is to trap them before they lay eggs and spread through the home.