What Are Some Primary Benefits of Getting a Flat Roof in Menasha?

When you are trying to decide on a new roof in Menasha, you may consider a flat roof. In spite of the name, flat roofs aren’t completely flat since they have a slope of less than 10 degrees or 1/4 inch per foot. Here are some benefits of a flat roof.

Extra Space

Flat roofs allow for three to four more squares of usable space and eliminate the need of an attic. This can be useful if you live on a small lot with no extra area for a patio, a penthouse, or rooftop gardens. Commercial buildings can use the extra space for storage or to meet height requirements.

Easy Maintenance and Increased Safety

Flat roofs are easier to access for cleaning and inspection than sloped roofs. In most cases all you need is a ladder to get on the roof to do maintenance. Since they lack a steep slope, they reduce the risk of slipping or falling which saves on liability cases in commercial settings.

Lower Cost

Flat roofs cost less than most roofing materials because ease of the installation, and they are used more for functionality than aesthetics. Flat roofs that are cared for properly have less need of repairs and can last for 20 to 30 years. If it needs fixing, most repairs can be done in less than one day and re-coating also cost less because it uses polymer or rubber materials.

Professional Installation

A new roof in Menasha should be installed by professional roofers. Contact Business Name to get a free quote.