Affordable Residential Mold Inspection Alexandria VA

Molds can be extremely sensitive for many people. Some people who have been around mold will note signs of poor breathing or the inability to breathe properly. Other symptoms around mold could include blocked nasal cavities, watering eyes, wheezing, irritated eyes, or itchy skin. People with skin conditions, such as eczema, might be more prone to feeling poorly in mold-ridden environments. Unfortunately, homes occasionally incur mold problems. Any of these symptoms could be signs of mold in a home.

Indoor environments can become moldy when in the right conditions. All of the following factors can contribute to signs for require mold inspection Alexandria VAarea in a residence:

•  Open spores
•  Warmth
•  Dark spaces
•  Available food source
•  Abundance of oxygen
•  Moisture
•  Time

Leaking pipes or roofs, poor ventilation, condensation, flooding, and damp basements can all cause mold in a residence. Mold can even be caused by wet or damp clothing. This is why it’s never a good idea to put wet towels on the bathroom floor after showering, because they can easily become moldy and spread mold through the house.

There are some tips that home owners can follow to create a safer environment. They should open windows for better ventilation and avoid carpeting bathrooms or basements. An air conditioner or dehumidifier can help reduce the conditions for mold during the more humid months.

People who think that the mold could be hazardous to their health should seek out services for Mold Inspection Alexandria VA. An employee for a mold inspection will company will arrive at the residence and conduct tests around the residence to determine the amount of mold exposure. For example, the employee might take air samples through mold spore traps. The employee could also perform swab and bulk sampling in addition to performing a spore count.

One business called PMSI Mold Treatment Division performs mold inspection services in the Philadelphia Metro and southern New Jersey region. They service both commercial and residential locations at affordable rates for property owners. To learn more about PMSI Mold Treatment Division’s services and methods for mold removal, click here ( to visit their company website and contact a representative from their business as soon as possible to improve the dangerous conditions of a moldy home.

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