Always Hire a Professional for Inground Pool Liner Installation in Connecticut

A private swimming pool is a nice addition to any backyard on a hot, summer day. Being a pool owner requires a lot of responsibility. It is necessary to perform regular cleaning and maintenance on the pool, including chemical monitoring, debris removal, and scrubbing the walls. It is also important to monitor the condition of the pool liner. No liner is designed to last forever, and when it’s time to replace the liner, it is best to hire a professional for inground pool liner installation in Connecticut.

The majority of in-ground pool liners will last about 10 years before they need to be replaced. Depending on the quality of the liner, it may last for either a longer or shorter amount of time. Even with the best home care, the liner will eventually begin to show wear around the seams. It is not uncommon to actually see the liner pull away from the pool at the seams. Tears in the liner may form in various places. Some tears form because of chemical usage or aggressive play, but others are simply a sign of old age. In either case, once the wear becomes very noticeable, it is time to replace the liner. Failure to do so may result in a leak and further damage to the pool.

When it comes time to actually replace the pool liner, using a professional that specializes in Inground Pool Liner Installation in Connecticut is the best option. While there are many at-home kits that promise quick and easy liner installation, they are not as effective. A trained pool repairman knows exactly how to place and attach the liner to the pool walls. This will prevent the liner from leaking. Most professionals also offer some sort of warranty on their work. If a problem arises while the liner is still under warranty, the repairman should repair it at no additional charge.

Remember that no pool liner will last forever. Contact Treats Pools & Spas if the liner of your pool is showing signs of wear and tear. Evaluating the shape of the pool liner is an important part of keeping a private pool in good shape and ready for use.

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