Protecting Healthy Bacteria and Keeping Tanks Safe With a Septic Cleaning Service in Allentown, PA

Septic systems are designed to separate liquids from solids and release wastewater into the soil where it is filtered naturally. The remaining solids are dissolved by naturally occurring bacteria. The bacteria assist with lowering the level of what is in a septic tank, but cannot eliminate it entirely. This is why pumping and cleaning out tanks occasionally is necessary for every home or business not on a municipal sewer system. The level of the sludge will continue to rise as plumbing is used.

Another important reason to have a periodic cleaning of a septic tank is to help keep the bacteria in the tank healthy. Many of the products people pour or flush down their drains are harmful to bacteria. This includes antibacterial soaps, cleaning chemicals, and some prescription drugs as well as many other products. Over time these chemicals can destroy the bacteria the system must have to operate adequately. When the numbers of the bacteria dwindle, the amount of solid matter that is broken down is reduced and the tanks fill up faster.

A Septic Cleaning Service in Allentown PA will pump all of the solid matter out of the tank and rinse the tank clean to allow it to start the process over again. The bacteria levels will quickly reestablish and begin their work again. Homeowners can assist the bacteria by not allowing products that could harm their systems to be poured into the drains. This is done easily by using natural cleaning products and turning in outdated medications rather than flushing them away. Contact local medical practices, police departments, and pharmacies to find convenient drop off locations or turn-in dates.

Contacting a Septic Cleaning Service in Allentown PA will enable the homeowner to establish a cleaning schedule with them that will prevent any overflow of sewage due to a tank that is too full. They can also inspect tanks, leach fields and plumbing lines for any other type of sewer concern. All local homeowners should click here to investigate more info about maintaining an efficient and safe septic system and finding the professional services available to make it all possible.

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