An Auto Accident Attorney in Las Vegas, Nevada Informs Clients of the Accident Process

Automobile accidents occur every day, and oftentimes end up becoming complex legal issues. This is because the insurance company of the driver at fault may not want to pay for the damages or the driver at fault may not have enough insurance to cover whatever losses and damages occur. When that happens, the injured party usually sues the other party. An auto Accident Attorney in Las Vegas, Nevada helps clients on a regular basis recover damages from automobile accidents. These are some things that clients might want to know about the accident process in Nevada.

Nevada is considered an “at fault” state when it comes to auto accidents. This means that the driver who causes the accident is financially responsible for the accident in every way. Meanwhile, the injured party has three options he or she can pursue. The injured party can file an insurance claim on his or her own insurance. He or she can file an insurance claim on the other party, or a personal injury lawsuit can be filed. If a personal injury lawsuit is going to be filed, the injured party must know a few things about personal injury cases.

Filing a personal injury lawsuit because of an auto accident in Nevada requires the client to be file the lawsuit in a Nevada civil court before the time runs out for the lawsuit. This is known as the statute of limitations. In Nevada, that time limit is one year. If the client fails to file the lawsuit in that time, any opportunity to collect damages will be lost. Nevada also employs the comparative negligence rule. If the injured party contributed 51 percent or more to the accident, he or she could collect nothing from the accident.

The Nettles Law Firm has been offering legal solutions to clients in the Las Vegas, Nevada area for more than 14 years. If clients are in an automobile accident, they can get a free consultation to find out if they have a case. If the clients are ready to consult an Accident Attorney in Las Vegas, Nevada, the Nettles Law Firm is available.

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