Things to Know When Hiring an Automobile Accident Lawyer in Warrenton VA

If someone causes an injury because they negligently operate a vehicle, the victim has legal rights, and protecting them can keep the victim from paying for the at-fault party’s irresponsibility. In some instances, it may be necessary to hire an Automobile Accident Lawyer in Warrenton VA. Read on to learn a few reasons to hire an attorney after an auto accident.

The Statute of Limitations

A victim only has a short time to file a legal claim after a car accident. In most areas, the statute of limitations is one or two years; if the suit isn’t filed during that time, the victim forever gives up his or her right to sue the at-fault party.

Compliance With Procedural Guidelines

In some cases, a victim may need to follow certain rules to file a claim. Some jurisdictions require the filing of a notice or a police report, and other places have different requirements. A lawyer who knows the area will be well-versed in its laws, and they can help a client avoid making mistakes that jeopardize the claim.

Insurance Company Agendas

Insurers are in the business for two reasons: to make a profit and to protect their clients’ interests. Because the insurance company’s agenda and that of the victim run counter to one another, hiring an Automobile Accident Lawyer in Warrenton VA can be the best way for an accident victim to protect his or her interests.

A Full Understanding of Damages

Accident victims can potentially sue for a variety of damages. Along with medical bills, a person may be able to get compensation for pain, suffering, lost income, and emotional distress. If a victim is killed or incapacitated, his or her family may be able to sue for loss of consortium and companionship. When victims don’t hire lawyers, they may not know their full recovery rights.

Proving Liability

Even if the police and witnesses say the other party was responsible, it can be difficult to prove that his or her negligence caused a breach of the duty of care. Successful personal injury suits have many elements, and an accident attorney can use their legal knowledge to support a client’s position. Visit us or call the office today to set up a free consultation.

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