An Explanation Of Additional Moving Services In Atlanta GA

For many people planning a relocation in Atlanta GA, getting a quote may include having to decide if they need any additional moving services in Atlanta GA as part of their move. Some additional services are outside of your control while others are things that you can choose to opt into to make moving a lot easier.

The best moving and relocation companies will have a complete listing of possible additional services. Some companies even bundle these into packages that are charged as an additional flat fee.

While initially you may think of these additional moving services as something you can easily do on your own, there are some very good reasons to consider one or more of them if you have a large home, a lot of things in your home, or if you have specialized items that will need additional care and attention to move.

Additional Services you Can’t Avoid

There are two distinct additional moving services that will not be optional should they be a part of your move. One is a fee charged for stairs, which can occur at your current or new location, or even at both. Typically stairs include other than front porch steps, and each moving company will have a clear definition of what will be charged extra.

The other issue that may come up is if the movers have to park a distance away from the residence. This creates more time for completing the load or unload, and there will be a service charge. This can also occur if the items have to be moved from a large to a small truck to act as a shuttle.

Optional Additional Services

Time and stress saving optional additional moving services in Atlanta GA can include full packing and unpacking. This can include the complete packing of the contents of the home, or it can include just specific items such as the contents of the kitchen. The packing and unpacking will typically be handled by an additional team other than the actual moving crew.

Electronic takedown, packing, unpacking, and reconnection are additional moving services that are well worth considering. This can include computers, home offices and even home theaters. With the moving company completing the packing and connection you have additional protection should there be any damage or breakage.

Some companies will provide move-in and move-out cleaning as part of their additional moving services. If you have a timeline to be into or out of your Atlanta GA home, apartment or condo, this is a time-saving service that is a great idea.

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