Are Automated Welding Services the Future of Fabrication?

by | Jan 15, 2018 | Metal Fabrication

Are your welding services backlogged? This can sometimes happen during the busiest times of the year, and you may have to hire temporary help, or your customers may wait longer than they normally do for their orders. However, there is another solution, and it involves robotic welders. These machines offer many benefits, and many companies consider them to be a big part of the fabrication industry’s future. Here are some good reasons for this opinion.

Labor Costs

In the 21st Century, every company is trying to become “leaner.” One of the best ways to lower the operating costs for your welding services and increase efficiency is to reduce your full-time workforce. A robotic welder can do the job of several welders. Although they may require occasional maintenance and supervision, it’s possible to cut your workforce significantly with these machines.

By keeping fewer people on the payroll, you pay out less money each pay period. You also avoid many of the most common employee expenses like insurance and sick pay.

Greater Productivity

Thanks to modern automated welding machines, you can increase your production drastically. For example, a robot doesn’t need to take breaks or days off from work. It can work 24 hours a day if needed and never gets tired. You don’t have to pay medical insurance for robots, and they do not take vacations or time off from work.

Better Quality

When human welders work all day or overtime, the quality of your welding services may suffer. For example, as the days wear on, fatigue becomes a factor, and it’s easier to make mistakes on the job. Robotic welders are subject to fatigue, and you get the same quality each time. Yet, some companies cannot afford to install these machines. However, when you hire a welding and fabrication service with robotic welders, you can receive many of the same benefits.

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