Why Choose Cremation in Bellevue, WA Over a Traditional Burial

In the past, after someone passed away, most families opted to have their loved one buried. However, as of 2015, Cremation in Bellevue Wa has overtaken traditional burials. There are several reasons for this change. Some of the reasons that more people are opting for cremation for deceased loved ones today can be found here.

More Affordable

In most cases, the cost of having a loved one cremated after they pass away is going to be much more affordable than having to purchase a casket and a burial plot. While there are a number of factors that will impact the price, the average cremation will cost around $2,000 with a nice urn costing a few hundred dollars. However, with a traditional burial, the casket alone costs two to three times that amount, along with the burial plot and other factors.

Cremation Offers Tradition and Convenience

The cremains will be put in an urn, costing much less than a casket. However, families who prefer can still have the urn buried. This can be done in a grave, like a casket but on a smaller scale, or in a crypt. Even when Cremation in Bellevue Wa is chosen over a traditional burial, the family can still have a funeral so that family and friends can pay their last respects.

Easier to Handle

Individuals who want a much simpler funeral service frequently opt for a memorial service at a more peaceful location and convenient time. The family can even choose a spot where, after the memorial, they can spread their loved one’s ashes rather than burying them. Keep in mind that burying the cremains in the urn that is purchased, or having them entombed in a crypt, is still much more affordable and easier than a more traditional funeral and burial.

When it comes to handling a loved one’s last rites, there is no question that it can be an emotional process. However, it is important to make the decision between cremation and burial first. Being informed and understanding the benefits offered by cremation can help many people realize why this is the better option for everyone involved.

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