Are You Going to Need to Pay Spousal And Child Support in Smithtown?

When a person is planning on getting divorced, they often want to know everything they’re going to need to pay after the divorce. This can help them determine their finances and how much they’ll need if they need to move out of the family home or if they can budget to stay in the home when their spouse moves out. Anyone who is planning on getting divorced might want to speak with a lawyer about Spousal And Child Support in Smithtown before making any major decisions that could impact their budget.

Spousal support is offered in a lot of cases where one spouse made significantly more than the other or where one spouse did not work for a period of time leading to the divorce. However, the amount that needs to be paid and the duration of the payments is going to be different in every case. The person might have to pay for a certain amount of years and there can even be a clause stating the payments stop if the other spouse remarries as they’ll no longer need the payments. It’s a good idea to speak with a lawyer to find out what may be applicable in a person’s situation since every divorce is different.

On top of the spousal support, if the couple had children in common one parent may be required to pay child support. This, as with the above, can vary greatly depending on the situation. The person will want to make sure they speak with a lawyer to determine how much they might need to pay and how long they’ll need to pay the child support. Although it is commonly believed the child support stops when the child reaches 18, it might continue further as long as the child is enrolled in higher education.

If you’re considering a divorce, make sure you speak with a lawyer today about Spousal And Child Support in Smithtown to find out what you might be required to pay. Knowing this can help you make the financial decisions you’ll need to make during and after the divorce process. For more information, you can speak with Todd J. Zimmer & Associates today.

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