Have You Wondered What Happens During Video Post-production?

Your company will have been involved during the preproduction work with your corporate video, by instructing the brief and agreeing the content suggested by the creative team. The video will have been shot and you may have attended some of the action. Video post-production is the final stage before your video is ready for uploading and watching.

Join the Queue While You Wait

You will join a long queue of people waiting to see the finished video, but after the filming has completed, there is a long process of video post-production. There might be hours of recordings that must be edited and adjusted before your two-minute YouTube or social media moment is available.

Almost all films, whether live-action or animated, will be completed on digital equipment. A picture editor will compare your original script and check through all the film that they have recorded. This editor will suggest which elements of the project should remain and which should be cut, even if only temporarily.

The editor may complete one version of your final media material, or they may choose 2 or 3 to provide you with options. This will depend upon your original budget and brief. You may get to see a rough-cut before the final edit.

Enter the Sound Editor

The sound, whether music or dialogue, or a mixture of both, is just as important as the visual aspect of your film. The sound editor may need to add sound effects, enhance the dialogue and perhaps, choose music that is accurately relevant for your finished product.

Where there are any mistakes in sound, dialogue or any parts of the film, these may need to be reshot or recorded individually and added to the original digital process by your video or sound editor, where appropriate.

Depending upon your choice of finished product, there may be a need to add Foley artists before your product can be completed. This, conceivably, means adding the sound of someone opening and closing a door where it is not captured on the original footage.

The titles at the beginning and end of your production are vitally important to help you get your message across to your customers, employees or investors. This is one of the final tasks during your video post-production process.

You may choose to make a short trailer for your video so that it can be posted across social media and invite individuals to go to your website to see the full version.

Aren’t you pleased you decided to employ a company of professional video creators, rather than try to achieve the task yourself?

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