A healthy environment is key to maintaining a septic tank. Homeowners should know the tank contains good bacteria that breaks down solid human waste. Indeed, human waste and toilet paper are the only things that should go into a toilet connected to a septic system. Individuals who break this rule may need Septic Repair in Olympia WA.

The Septic System

A pipe directs waste and water out of the house into the septic tank. Bacteria breaks down waste into effluent or waste-water. Afterward, a pipe moves effluent from the tank to the drain-field. Dirt in the drain-field helps to clean the effluent further. The system breaks down when the homeowner puts grease and other solid waste down the drain.

Grease goes down the drain as a liquid but solidifies in the septic tank. In addition, garbage disposables should not be used with a septic system. Rather, it is advisable to put grease and other materials into a container for disposal with the trash.

Water And The Septic System

Remember, almost all water used in the house travels through the septic tank. Therefore, the homeowner has to conserve water. This means limiting laundry to one or two loads per day. The drain-field simply cannot handle more water. Likewise, residents should limit long showers and full bathtubs.

Additionally, avoid using bleach and other strong chemicals around the house. Bleach in the septic tank could kill the bacteria. It’s not uncommon for the drain-field to become contaminated with grease and other solids. As a result, waste-water rises to the surface.

Septic Tank Repairs

There are some signs one may need Septic Repair in Olympia WA. Standing water in the drain-field is one and a strong sewage odor is another. Further, broken pipes can result in sewage backing up into sinks and bathtubs. Avoid septic repairs because the work is costly. For instance, replacing a broken pipe costs around $1500.

Sometimes, the drain-field has to be replaced and this major expense starts at $7500. A crew digs up all the pipes leading from the house to the drain-field. The area essentially becomes a construction zone and it may take two or three days to complete the work. Avoid this scenario by educating the family about septic tanks.