The Versatility Of The Gaulin Homogenizer

by | May 11, 2018 | Industrial Goods and Services

While many types of equipment used in the sanitary process industry are exclusive to the area of dairy or food and beverage production, other equipment is used across a wider range of applications.

A great example of a highly versatile type of equipment is the Gaulin homogenizer. Originally started in 1909 under the name of the Manton-Gaulin Company, the original homogenizer was produced to find a way to effectively and efficiently blend cream into milk to prevent separation.

While the first versions of the Gaulin homogenizer had limited capacity, today’s models can process over 10,000 gallons of milk per hour. They are also used in petroleum manufacturing industry as well as the development of pharmaceutical products.


While highly efficient, the homogenizer is actually relatively simple in design and process. It creates high pressure with a multi-piston pump in the liquid coming into the system.

This pressure is then used to force the heavier liquid through a series of orifices. These orifices are variably sized to continually break down the globules of fat or oil. The result of the piston forcing the heavy material through the orifices is a uniformly smaller homogenized product.

The Gaulin homogenizer can be designed to produce different pressures. The greater the pressure variation, the greater the breakdown of the globules. This produces a uniform mixture of the two or more liquids, resulting in a homogenized final product with a very low separation rate.

Currently, the company offers the G and R Series, which have been in production since 1998. There is also the T Series, which was first introduced in 2010. Changes to the power frame provided additional capacity and functions to the equipment while ensuring all Series meet the needs for volume and throughput in modern processing facilities.

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