Avoid these Common Mistakes When Purchasing St. Paul Granite Counters

by | Feb 3, 2016 | Home Improvement

The decision to buy granite countertops is one you should be very happy with. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work out that way for everyone. There are plenty of people who struggle with the end result. They are upset as the quality isn’t what they thought it would be or the installation doesn’t look professional. Avoiding these common mistakes can help you to enjoy your St. Paul granite counters and the investment you make with them.

Don’t Compromise Color or Quality

When it comes to your new counters, you need to invest in very good quality products otherwise, they aren’t going to last and you will be disappointed. You want you counters to look nice and you want them to last for a very long time. The colors with granite counters can vary and so can the patterns. It is very important you know what you are getting.

Look at the materials under the lighting in your kitchen before they are installed. The density of the granite should also be examined closely. The thicker it is, the better the overall quality. A professional seller can help you to determine the best density for your counters. They should be at least ¾ inches thick and no more than 1 ¼ thick.

Be selective when it comes to lighter colors. They tend to be porous and that makes them harder to maintain. Darker colors seem to need the least overall maintenance. If you think they will make your kitchen too dark, consider adding some lighter accent pieces in the kitchen to brighten it up. New curtains to let in more sunlight may be all you need.

Don’t Install on Your Own

One of the biggest problems with granite counters comes down to the installation. You may be thinking you can purchase the granite and then install it on your own. It is worth it to pay extra for a professional installation. If you shop the right place, you will get the install with the cost of the materials and it will be quite reasonable. The price will depend on the number of counters to install and the layout of your kitchen.

Special care has to be taken around the edges. Depending on the layout and even your cabinets, one type of edging may be better than others. The professionals can look and recommend the best type of edging for the project. They can show you examples too so you can see the differences before you pick one. Inspect the installation before they leave to make sure you are happy with it. Always work with a professional installer offering a warranty on their work too. This is your guarantee it that is going to continue to look great for a long time!

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