Eliminate Major Sewer Blockages With Superior Jetting Services

Plumbing problems are usually difficult to deal with, but a clog in the main sewer line can quickly shut things down. One reason for this is that clogs in this pipe are difficult to locate without the right tools. One of these tools is the rooter or pipe snake which is used to pierce the clog and another is the video snake that is often used to locate signs of damage such as roots in the pipe. Unfortunately, if the pipe is seriously dirty, like most sewer pipes tend to be, then locating a problem can be tough without the help of expert Jetting Services.

Jetting or hydro-washing is a method of using highly pressurized water to scour the inside of the pipe. To begin this task, the plumber will need to find a convenient access point. This may be an external vent, but failing this, the plumber may need to break the external connection for proper access. This is not a job to do from an interior toilet’s drain connection because the high-pressure water can be quite messy. This means the plumber may need to dig up a part of the pipe that is close to the building.

One of the most important reasons to consider Jetting Services is to inspect the interior of the main drain pipe for signs of damage. This could be a fracture from a vehicle driving over the pipe or stress fractures caused when the pipe shifts positions. The latter can occur when the soil is moist or the trench that holds the pipe isn’t properly filled. Another thing the plumber may look for is plant roots. Roots often enter a sewage line because of the free access to nutrients. When they do, the roots can find weak spots in areas like pipe connections or cracks. As they spread, the roots tend to fracture these access points even further.

Damage to the main sewer line can be disastrous since any damaged soil may need to be removed. Plus, the contractor may cause a bit of damage to the surrounding landscaping while making the repairs. To learn more about jetting and other pipe repairs contact the experts at All Pro Plumbing. You can aslo follow them on Twirtter.

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