Backup Generators: Power On Demand

After a huge storm where fallen trees block the roads and the power has gone out, backup generators in Glenview take over. Without power, you stand to lose all the food in the refrigerator and freezer, your basement may flood or the pipes may freeze.

When you have the foresight to install a backup generator, these and other problems will not exist. Unlike small gasoline-powered generators, backup generators are always standing by to provide power the moment the utility company experiences a problem. Backup generators are more powerful than portable units are – they run longer, last longer and operate safely. More and more homeowners are investing in backup generators in Glenview because of this.

How do backup generators work?

The actual generator and engine are located outside the house. The best units are contained in a weatherproof and sound deadening box rigidly fixed to a concrete pad. The automatic transfer switch is located inside the house. This transfer switch senses a power outage and engages the backup generator. The power is run through a load center that provides power to designated circuits. The moment the power is restored, the switch cuts out the generator and everything returns to normal. All of this is done automatically and seamlessly and there is no need for anyone to be home to throw a switch or intervene in any way.

Although there is a cost involved, think of backup generators in Glenview as if they were insurance policies, you pay the premium hoping that the insurance will never be needed. High quality, well-maintained generators can last for many years and are an investment well worth making.

If you are looking for a reliable company to install, repair and maintain Generac backup generators in Glenview, contact Penco Generators, Inc.

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