Causes of Problems With Electronic Ignition for a Gas or Oil Furnace in Clinton

Today’s gas and oil furnaces have an electronic ignition feature, so a pilot light isn’t burning all the time. That saves money on fuel. Sometimes an ignition problem can develop with this type of furnace in Clinton, but heating and cooling technicians are available to repair or replace components in the equipment. The home’s residents cannot get the furnace working again by lighting a pilot light with this newer model of heating equipment.

Electronic Ignition

Electronic ignition lights an intermittent pilot; these components respond to a thermostat’s call for additional heat. The pilot then lights the gas or oil burners. This is how modern cooking ranges and ovens work, too.

Functional Issues

The igniter on a furnace in Clinton can simply stop functioning. Frequently, the problem is with the wiring or the control module. It may not produce the correct voltage for the necessary spark. In other cases, the igniter itself must be replaced. This is an affordable project. Homeowners might be tempted to try it themselves, but the main problem is that they probably won’t realize if any other issues are causing the lack of ignition.

Flame Sensor Problems

At times, a homeowner believes the problem is with the ignition, but something else is wrong. For example, a heating technician from a company such as East River Energy may discover that the burners actually do get lit, but the flame is immediately extinguished. The flame sensor may not recognize that the burner is lit after a certain number of seconds past ignition, which results in the furnace shutting the components down.

Usually, cleaning various components will solve this problem. This may be a sign that annual maintenance has not been performed in a long time.

Electrical Issues

It’s possible that the circuit breaker tripped or the fuse blew on the dedicated line to the furnace. Even if this is all that’s wrong, it should still be checked out by a furnace technician. The igniter shouldn’t be using so much power that the electrical system cannot handle it. Information on one particular company providing furnace repair can be seen at

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