Balanced Pool Chemicals in League City Help Swimmers Safely Complete a Mile a Day

Some men and women don’t feel all that motivated to exercise even when they have a big swimming pool in the backyard. One methodical technique for boosting fitness is to set a goal of one mile per day. Many people do this with walking, jogging and biking. Of course, it also can be accomplished with swimming. Hiring a service to make sure the pool chemicals in League City are always at optimum levels is advisable with a significant increase in swimming pool activity.

A Full-Body Workout

Swimming a mile generally provides a better full-body workout than many other activities. It demands the use of more muscles, joints and other parts of the body while maneuvering through the water. An hour of swimming freestyle laps at a slow pace burns about 500 calories for a 150-lb. person and about 650 calories for a 200-lb. person.

To determine how many laps are needed to reach a mile, the person simply divides the feet in a mile (5,280) by the foot-length of the pool, then divides that number by two for the lap.

What if a Full Mile Seems Insurmountable?

The swimmer can start with a shorter length and gradually build up to a full mile. Pushing the limits is advantageous, but not if it makes the project seem arduous. Someone who hasn’t bothered with swimming much recently might start with a quarter-mile per day and count four days for the full mile.

What About Bad-Weather Days?

In this part of the country, people can swim outside most of the year. When the weather is too cold or rainy, it’s OK to switch to another activity. It’s best not to view rainy days as an excuse to avoid exercising. There will assuredly be additional times when swimming must be postponed for a day or longer because of work obligations, family events or other reasons.

It should be noted that significant rainfall will knock the pool chemicals in League City out of balance. The situation can be addressed by workers with an organization such as Cryer Pools & Spas. Browse our website to learn about this particular company.

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