Bring Your Garden to Life After Dark

Most gardens are beautiful by day but disappear once the sun goes down. LED garden lighting can add interest to any flower bed or large garden after dark. When placed strategically throughout the foliage, it brings beauty and safety to any area.


Garden Lights from Touchstone Lighting bring just the right amount of illumination to your flower beds and gardens. What was once a dark area of the property can now be a focal point twenty-four hours a day. When placed carefully, their glow will extend to every corner of the landscaping. Your blooms and greenery will be just as beautiful in the evening as it is throughout the day.


The LED garden lighting does much more than simply light up the yard. It can provide an extra measure of safety to your property. Use it to line drives and walkways so that family and friends can clearly find their way to your door. It also deters thieves as well as wildlife that can cause damage to your vegetation.


Touchstone Lighting’s LED lights provide beauty and safety while blending into the landscaping. No one wants fixtures to interfere with the layout of their garden or distract from the appearance of the plants and flowers. Horizontal lighting offers an ambient glow without obstructing the view of the night sky. In addition, adjustable height allows you to avoid damaging delicate plant growth.

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