Bariatric Sleeve Surgery In El Paso Helps Form Healthier Habits


There are hundreds of methods for weight loss, and the method that works best depends on the individual person. For many people, however, the swiftest and surest way to lose a lot of excess weight and keep it off for good is to get bariatric surgery. There are several of these procedures, and each of them makes some change to the digestive tract in order to reduce food intake, calorie consumption and feeling hungry. However, one of the most streamlined and effective of these methods is bariatric sleeve surgery, which you can get in El PasoowHowe.

What Is Bariatric Sleeve Surgery?

Bariatric sleeve surgery is a method that helps to increase weight loss, specifically when combined with healthier diet and lifestyle choices. It significantly reduces the size of the stomach. During the bariatric sleeve surgical procedure, a large portion of the stomach is removed. The part that remains is less than half the original size, and it has roughly a tube or sleeve-shaped appearance, which is where this surgical method gets its name from.

Results Of Getting Bariatric Sleeve Surgery In El Paso

With the stomach reduced in size so much, there is a far lower capacity to hold food. You will consume a lot less food, and also, the removal of the larger portion of your stomach means that the levels of a certain hormone called ghrelin, or the hunger hormone, decreases almost entirely. Therefore, your appetite will be suppressed much more. If you have a lower BMI, then this surgical procedure is most likely the best one for you. It is a very uncomplicated surgery with high rates of success. In El Paso, you can get this procedure done at a very professional and comfortable clinic, where you can also get plenty of information and weight loss advice both before and after the surgery.

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