The Basic Job of Well Drilling Contractors in Millstone, NJ

In the past, all wells were dug with shovels to reach the first aquifer, which was usually a few dozen feet into the ground. That aquifer is a pool of water beneath the surface. Then, the walls of the well were lined with an impermeable substance so that they didn’t allow groundwater to seep into the well. After the invention of power tools and heavy machinery, digging was done with machines. Now, however, wells are drilled by well drilling contractors.

Drilling a Well

Drilling a well is the most efficient way to get a steady supply of clean water. Well drilling contractors in Millstone, NJ will drill deep into the ground to find deeper aquifers that are more abundant and cleaner. They can often drill as far down as 3,000 feet. That will provide you with the most reliable source of water.

They’ll allow you to drill a well and supply your own water.

Well Pumps

Once the well is drilled, well drilling contractors will install a pump to bring water to the surface. Since a drilled well can be very deep, the pump needs to be a very powerful and specialized. You need the people who drilled the well to install the pump so that you can be sure it will actually work for your needs. Finally, the contractors who drilled your well will be aware of all of the different elements of your well. They’ll know how deep it is, what kind of pump is installed, and how it is lined. Therefore, if anything goes wrong with your well, you can call them back and have it addressed.

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