Before Putting Your Raleigh Home on the Market

Listing a house and getting it ready to sell can be a major ordeal. In fact, it can be a lot of work just determining what should go to a storage facility in Raleigh and what things should stay, and things can get pretty stressful. Here are some helpful tips to consider, before you contact a realtor to list your home. This can save you time and headaches.

Put Yourself in Place of the Home Shopper

Walk outside to the street in front of your house. This is what a potential home buyer will see. Are there things you are impressed with? Do some things about the house or yard turn you off? If you note quite a few negative aspects about your property, you might want to correct as many things as possible. After all, if home shoppers are not impressed, they might not even want to come inside.

Take a Minimalist Approach

Try to remove as many possessions and items from the house as possible. This doesn’t mean you should shove things in closets or fill up the attic. This will give the home a “messy” or cluttered” look and is not good for showing your house. You should find a good storage company in Raleigh and take everything you don’t need to your facility.

Your Front Door

Many people fail to realize the importance of your main entry door. Before anyone enters the house, this is the first thing they see. If it needs paint or the locks are worn or loose, potential buyers may expect the rest of the house to be in similar condition. It’s not hard to remove a front door and paint or finish it, or install some new and impressive hardware. If necessary, you may need to invest in a new door. This can make the difference between a sale and “no sale”.

The Value of White Interior Walls

There’s a good chance your inside walls could use a new coat of paint. White is an excellent choice for more than one reason. First, it makes the room appear larger and it looks like there is more available space. Also, white is a neutral color and will go well with most furnishings, so the new owners will not have to paint as soon as they move in.

In conclusion, before you list your home, take the buyer’s point of view. Fix all the things you can. Take advantage of the best storage Raleigh has to offer to organize your home. Fix the front door and buy a few gallons of white paint. Follow these helpful tips and you may be calling the movers before you know it.

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