Finding the Right Electronics Manufacturing Service

In the past, it was not hard to find a good electronics manufacturing service, as technology was somewhat limited. However, in the 21st Century, electronic circuit technology has advanced a great deal and it’s important to have a manufacturer you can trust and a company capable of serving your needs now and in the future. So what makes a good manufacturer? Let’s take a closer look and see.

Do They Serve Your Industry?

Your electronics manufacturing service should specialize in specific industries, if you want the best possible materials and technology. For example, healthcare and aerospace businesses have definite needs and they are best met by manufacturers who understand these needs. This helps to eliminate problems like lack of communication.

Can They Take Care of All Your Needs?

When you shop for an electronics manufacturing service, it’s best to find a company capable of fulfilling all your needs. This way, you only have to deal with one supplier and this makes the process of running a business, much less complicated. For instance, the right company can provide you with microelectronics assembly, printed circuit board technology and special circuits, in addition to things like custom created wiring harnesses.

Electronic Design Services

When you choose the right electronics manufacturing company you also enjoy the benefits of design services. This way, you do not have to take care of your own designs. Your manufacturer can help you with embedded systems, Bluetooth technology and a wide range of digital circuit design. You also enjoy these services:

* Test Engineering – in-circuit and functional testing is implemented to improve quality and eliminate many types of manufacturing defects.

* Protoyping – why hire a separate service to develop and produce prototypes for your business? A good electronics manufacturing service can take care of this for you.

* DFX services – this stands for “design for excellence”. It incorporates design for manufacturing, testing, supply chain and quality.

Quality Assurance

It’s one thing for an electronics manufacturing service to claim they produce high quality materials, but can they back it up with certification? For instance, you should choose a company with an ISO9001:2008 certification. An ISO 9000 certification means a business has met strict guidelines for quality control and management. Here are some of the principles, this certification endorses:

* Customer focus

* Leadership

* Involving everyone in the organization

* Process approach

* Continued improvement

* Making decisions by analyzing data and information

When you want electronics manufacturing services you can depend on, come to Neo Tech. We have been in the business for over 40 years, and offer a wide range of manufacturing and engineering services. Check us out on the Web at for more details today.

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