Before You Check Out Boat Trailers for Sale

You have the perfect boat in mind. It’s everything you want, and now you need to check into boat trailers for sale. What kind of trailer is best for your needs and if you have a large vessel, should you invest in a hydraulic unit? You have so many features to consider. Here are some helpful tips to get you on the right track.

Size Matters

How heavy are the boat and the engine? It’s important to check out gross vehicle weight ratings, also called GVWR. Don’t forget all the gear you’ll be storing and the weight of the anchor if it’s not included in the boat’s original weight. Many vessel owners add from ten to fifteen percent of the weight to make sure they have a trailer that can handle their needs.


Most boat trailers for sale for large vessels have tandem axles, and some may have more. If you can get by with a single axle, you’ll be able to maneuver a little better, and you’ll have fewer expenses and maintenance issues with tires and brakes. However, when you need a hydraulic trailer rated at 30,000 pounds or more, you’ll need to make sure you have a tandem axle unit.

More Than One Vessel

Do you own a sailboat and powerboat? If so, you should look at multi-purpose boat trailers for sale. It’s also a good idea if you haul boats for a living. Even if you have a trailer for each boat, a multi-purpose trailer will give you a backup in case something goes wrong.

Know Where to Shop

The best place to buy a quality-made trailer for your vessel is a boat manufacturer that specializes in trailer sales. They’ll help you choose the right trailer for your needs, and you’ll have a unit you can depend on.

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