Used Hydraulic Trailers Have Much to Offer

by | Nov 21, 2017 | Boat Trailers

If you have a large vessel to haul or you move boats for a living, you’ll receive a lot of benefits from hydraulic trailers. However, some of the finest trailers are expensive and represent a major investment. Yet, you can save money when you shop for a quality-made used trailer. Here are some of the benefits of this strategy.


Did you know that you can save as much as 40,000 when you choose previously owned over new? If you are running a marina or boat business, these savings can make a huge difference. You may not have to go into debt to own one of the finest hydraulic trailers on the market.

Maybe you can’t afford the cost of a high-quality trailer with all the “bells and whistles.” You could settle for less and buy a cheap trailer, but it may not give you the kind of service you want, and you may be in the market for a new unit sooner than you think. A quality pre-owned trailer may be the best option.

Time Factor

Do you need your heavy-duty trailer today? When you order a new trailer from the factory, you can have it custom-built with all the features you need. However, this can take as long as fourteen weeks, and you if can’t afford to wait that long, then you need a faster solution. Check with your trailer manufacturer to see if they have some pre-owned models in stock. You can take delivery now, and there’s no waiting.

Buying Tips

Make sure to choose hydraulic trailers with one of these frames types:


Galvanized steel

Corrosion-resistant steel

Look for important safety features too. For example, you want a fail-safe feature that locks hydraulic cylinders in place, in case of fluid loss. Also, make sure to inspect everything especially the tires and brakes.

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