Benefits of a Private Cloud: Protect Your Data Before Its Gone

More businesses are turning to cloud solutions to store data, so they can save money instead of buying and running servers they keep on-site. However, public cloud solutions come with disadvantages, especially if your company deals with sensitive data. To avoid losing your data or putting your customers at risk, a private cloud solution can often be your best option.

Increased Security

A private cloud solution typically offers better security than public alternatives. All cloud environments often use high-tech firewalls and virus protection, but private cloud servers do it better. In addition, a private cloud server requires a private, secure network connection to download or upload data, giving you additional peace of mind.

Reduced Costs

It may seem contradictory to say that private cloud servers often cost less than public alternatives, but it is often the truth. When you secure a private cloud server for your business use, you will find the cost of a dedicated server is often lower than you would expect, especially if you consider the cost of ownership for onsite servers. YOu will pay a set monthly fee for the server access without worrying about paying for maintenance or finding a climate-controlled space to keep the server.

Regulatory Compliance

Many companies are under strict regulations for privacy and protecting customer data. When you use a public cloud server, you may find you can’t meet compliance requirements, especially if you don’t have a dedicated server. However, a private cloud server is for your use only, allowing you to feel confident you are remaining compliant.

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