Common Types of Senior Care in Washington, DC

Senior care, also known as elderly care, provides care to old-age people who have special needs. These seniors can develop the need for senior care in Washington, DC for many reasons. They might be suffering from severe diseases or face some mental issues.

Aging is not the only factor that leads people to seek senior care for their loved ones. There can be many underlying causes for it, including diseases such as paralysis or dementia. There are some common types of senior care provided by healthcare centers such as Capital City Nurses.

Residential Care or Assisted Living

Senior care in Washington, DC also includes residential care. Residential care offers in-house care for old-age people who have special needs. These elders have to be treated with care, and their needs are very different. Experts at medical facilities that provide residential care offer a lot of services.

• Care for people who have dementia (dementia care)
• Mental health care
• Care for disabled elders
• Sensory damage care

Assisted living refers to the old-age care homes designed to provide living assistance to elders who cannot manage to live independently. It is challenging for family members to look after such elders with such busy routines. So, they are admitted to old-age care homes for assisted living. These centers for senior care in Washington, DC offer a homey environment for senior citizens.

In-Home Care

With this type of senior care in Washington, DC, a professional caregiver or nurse provides care for senior citizens in their homes. They spend time supporting them with normal routine activities and make sure they eat, sleep, and live well.

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