Benefits of Deoxycholic Acid Injection in Birmingham MI

There is no question that a double chin can be quite embarrassing, as well as something most people don’t like to see when they look in the mirror. There are a number of causes of double chins. Some people just store excess fat beneath the chin naturally, while others may have inherited this from their parents or grandparents. As a person ages, a double chin may also develop.

In the past, the only cure for the double chin was to have some type of invasive surgery done, such as liposuction with a facelift. However, with Deoxycholic Acid Injection in Birmingham MI, which has been approved by the FDA, patients can now be rid of their unpleasant double chin with a procedure that is minimally invasive.

What to Expect from Treatment

Every treatment session with Deoxycholic Acid Injection in Birmingham MI will only take about 15 minutes. This means the person who is undergoing the treatment will be able to return to day to day activities right away. The process involves a number of small injections being made in the chin area. After the injections, in the next few days, the fat cells will rupture and the excess fat will be absorbed in the person’s body. This means that significant results can be seen in just a few weeks.

Specific Advantages of these Injections

These injections are the only minimally invasive treatment options that are available today to treat issues of a double chin. Most surgical methods are usually quite painful and require a number of weeks of recovery. Also, double chins are extremely resistant to exercise and diet, which means even losing weight may not eliminate them completely. When the jawline is slimmed, it can help to restore a youthful look to a person’s face.

Help and more information are available at the website url. Getting to know as much as possible about a procedure will help ensure a person can make an educated decision about whether or not this procedure is right for their double chin issue. If it is, remember the doctor selected is just as important as the actual procedure, so choose carefully. You can also visit them on Facebook for more information.

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