Building Testing Capability with a Unique Power Source

For most manufacturing and industrial testing, power sources provide a variety of capabilities. They not only power equipment, but they also allow for adjustments that can alter the results. So for most manufacturers and commercial applications, it is important to determine what you want your power source to do before you search for a supplier. One power source that offers a great deal of functionality is the programmable AC power source. Offering multiple capabilities, your supplier can customize it to fit your needs.

Functions Available

Since the power source can be programmed to function in a variety of settings, it is important to lay out exactly what you will be using your power source for. Explain this to your supplier. Ask them for the various options they offer and take advantage of their expertise to determine which options are best.

If there are interfaces that must be purchased to allow for connections with a workstation or PC, then it is important to determine if your supplier offers them. When the parts are all made from the same source, it can increase the likelihood that there will be a limited issue with compatibility.

Does your manufacturer or supplier provide a warranty for the power supply? You want to be sure that you understand what will invalidate the warranty and what you can choose to fix on your own to reduce the down time of your system.

Other Factors to Consider

While the customization may provide a very specific result, there are still the costs to consider. Therefore, you need to determine what is absolutely necessary and what might be an extra. Working with your supplier, you might be able to negotiate a few of those extras into the final order.

Customer Service

When choosing a supplier for your power source, you need to also determine what type of customer service is available. After all, if you are in the middle of a project, you need a quick response.

As you can see, a programmable AC power source can be functional, but also customizable to fit the needs of your company or testing facility. Therefore, it is important to do your homework to find the best supplier for your needs.

Amp-Line provides a variety of programmable AC power sources, along with amplifiers and interfaces. They can customize power sources to fit the needs of a variety of testing facilities.

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