Benefits Of Hiring A Seattle Web Designer To Build a Business Website

In today’s digital world, businesses both large and small need to have a website to thrive. Some companies sell their products or services online. Some use their websites to give their customers the information they are looking for. If a business owner is going to create a website, they have two options. They can use a free online website builder or they can hire a Seattle Web Developer. Of the two options available, hiring a professional has more benefits.

Custom Design

The problem with DIY site builders is that they often restrict graphics and text. Also, a DIY program doesn’t allow the creativity it takes to create a custom website. When the business owner hires a professional web designer, they can explain their business and what they hope to accomplish to the designer. Next, the web designer will use their experience and creativity to create a custom design a DIY builder could not.

User Friendly

They way the site navigates, the colors used, the graphics and even the font are all very important aspects of website design. Most visitors don’t like to search for what they are looking for. Also, they don’t need to be distracted by loud colors and the overuse of photos. These are all things a web designer understands and will keep in mind when developing the site. A DIY builder won’t keep the owner from making common amateur web design mistakes.

New Technologies

New technologies in web design are created every day. Professional web designers are up to date about these things, however, DIY site builders are not. Most companies don’t change their entire platform each time a new technology is released. This is why many DIY builders still don’t allow RSS feeds, video, and links to the website. This alone is reason enough to hire a professional.

SEO Compliance

SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is a technique used by professional web designers. They use SEO to make sure the business owner’s website can easily be found on search engines. DIY builders won’t make sure that the site is SEO compliant, however, a professional web designer will.
When building the company website, the owner’s best option is to hire a Seattle Web Developer.

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