Benefits of moving to the cloud

Simply put, cloud computing means you are computing on the internet, rather than storing information locally on a server or your personal computer. When you Tweet a message to your followers, you’re using the cloud; when you update your Facebook status, you’re using the cloud; when you create a Google Document, you are creating and saving in the cloud. Cloud infrastructure services in Dallas can help your business or organization move to the cloud with minimal disruption to day-to-day processes. There are many benefits to cloud computing:

*Flexibility: You only pay for services that you use, so you can customize a package that works for you. As your needs grow, you can expand these services. If you need to scale down, you can do so easily.

*Disaster Recovery: Many smaller businesses have difficulty implementing an effective disaster recovery plan because of limited resources. Cloud computing companies are helping to buck that trend and offer complete disaster recovery services for businesses of all sizes.

*Automatic updates: With servers that are off-site, you don’t have to worry about software or hardware updates; it’s all taken care of for you. Regular software updates and security upgrades will ensure your organization runs smoothly.

*Work from anywhere: As long as you have an internet connection, you can work. Whether you’re across the globe or across the street at a local café, cloud computing offers a flexibility in physical work locations that have never been possible before.

*Increased collaboration: Team members can access, share and edit documents regardless of where they are physically located. This increases team morale, collaboration and makes projects run smoother, not to mention increases productivity.

*Document Control: In the cloud, team members can see a document that has been updated in real time, thus reducing confusion as to which document is the most recent.

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