Benefits Offered by Installing an Aerobic Septic Tank

If a homeowner needs to install a new septic tank for their home, they will find there are several options to consider. One that many people overlook, but that offers a wide array of benefits is the Aerobic Septic Tank. To know if this is the right type of septic tank for a home, consider the specific advantages listed here.

Higher Treatment Levels than Standard Septic Tanks

The treated effluent is much cleaner when an Aerobic Septic Tank is used by the time that it reaches the distribution point compared to the standard absorptive field. With this type of tank, a significant amount of the treatment occurs in the soil, under the drain field. As a result, with an aerobic tank installed, there is a much lower likelihood of groundwater contamination.

Can be Installed in Different Environments

A standard septic tank is not able to be installed in areas where there is clay soil or rocky terrain. However, because the majority of treatment actually takes place in the unit, an aerobic system doesn’t require a specific type of soil to treat the wastewater. This makes it a viable option for locations where a homeowner has been told they cannot install a traditional system.

Can be Installed on Challenging Lots

Even if a home has the proper type of soil, there are some other criteria (such as how easy the property is to access, the setback requirement, surface improvements, and more) that have to be met. In many cases, a lot might be big enough for the installation of a standard system, but the mature oak trees restrict the access. With an aerobic system, the installation is more flexible. As a result, it’s a great option for lots that are more challenging.

When it is time to install a septic tank, there are more than a few factors that have to be considered. If there are issues or circumstances that make it impossible to install a standard unit, then an aerobic system should be considered. Additional information about this type of septic system can be found by visiting the website. You can also connect with them on Facebook.

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