Can You Replace Your Own AR Parts?

Modifying or customizing your AR weapon with a variety of aftermarket parts and components is an ideal way to create the best possible gun for your needs. For hunters, this may include adding a quad handguard to allow for easy attachment of a variety of accessories.

It may also mean swapping out standard AR parts for lighter weight options. This creates a lighter weight gun, perfect for long days and hard hiking through rough and rugged terrain.

For target shooters, those that enjoy a day at the range with friends or for competitive shooters, there are a variety of AR parts that can increase accuracy and overall performance of the weapon. This allows for a long day of shooting without problems, even if the gun gets heated with multiple rounds of shots fired. Simple modifications such as the addition of iron sights may be required for both target practice as well as shooting competitions.

Working on the Weapon

Without any previous gunsmithing experience, it is possible to change out current AR parts for new parts and components with relative ease. Basic tools for these tasks can be found online with gun part manufacturers, or they can be purchased at many of the top sporting goods stores or gun shops.

The easy access to online tutorials on YouTube and other online websites makes it easy for a gun owner to review the entire procedure and even get tips from gunsmiths in making the changes to the weapon.

It is important to follow all steps and to make sure part replacement is completed correctly and completely before firing the weapon. When in doubt, it is always possible to have a gunsmith examine the weapon and ensure the part has been correctly replaced. This is typically done without cost, or at a very minimal price.

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