Benefits to Geriatric Home Care in Alexandria, VA

One of the hardest things we have to do as our parents or other loved ones get older is look into geriatric home care in Alexandria, VA. Nobody wants to admit that their loved ones are having problems taking care of themselves, not even the person having problems. Moving them into a facility is one option, but it is often the most traumatic one.

Instead of uprooting your loved one, consider looking into home health care. Here are just a handful of the benefits your loved one receives from places such as Capital City Nurses.

Personalized Care

A home health care plan is tailored to your family’s requirements rather than conforming to the schedules of a senior care facility. Whether they just need help for a few hours a day or require full-time live-in care, home care is adaptable to each client’s needs.

Individual Attention

One of the best things about geriatric home care in Alexandria, VA is the individual attention that your loved one receives. They are the only person being looked after by the caregiver, which means that you know that all of their needs will be met in a timely fashion.

Having one-on-one care means that you can rest easy knowing your loved one is getting the care and attention they deserve when you can’t be there.


With home health care, most companies charge by the hour, so you have a lot of flexibility regarding how much you are spending out of pocket. With facilities, you are charged a flat monthly rate. This is a more cost-effective solution for people who only need help a few hours of the day. Plus, some insurance plans can help cover the cost of home health care.

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