Boarding Your Dog-Aggressive Dog

Travelling is stressful enough when you are traveling by yourself, whether for business or pleasure. Traveling with your pet adds that much more stress, but when you have an aggressive dog, your stress often shoots through the roof. It is important to take this into consideration as it may take longer to find the right Ft. Lauderdale pet resort not only for you, but for your dog as well.

Often these aggressive dogs get labeled without any thought as to how they got the way they did. Often they all get painted with the same brush, particularly if they are a bully breed. This is unfortunate as these are often the most loyal, goofy and child-loving dogs out there. While frustrating, it is important to be honest with people that no, your dog is not friendly with other dogs and often it helps to give an explanation, particularly when arranging your pet’s travel accommodations.

Often rescue dogs, or dogs that have been attacked by other dogs will be dog aggressive to some degree. Whether aggressive towards any dog or just small fluffy white ones, most dogs will have a trigger and it is very important to write that down and hand it to the caregiver when checking your dog into their Ft. Lauderdale pet resort.

Most pet resorts in Ft. Lauderdale will have special rooms for dogs that do not enjoy the company of other dogs. They will also be given time in the large common room without the other dogs present to allow them to receive the interaction and exercise they will require.

For dog aggressive dogs, it is important to find the best accommodation for them to ensure the success for everyone involved. Often there are home style pet resorts that cater to a smaller number of dogs and are much more appropriate for dogs that are shy or dog aggressive.

The only way to ensure the correct Ft. Lauderdale pet resort has been chosen is to talk to them. Not just a quick email here and there but call them and ask about their policies. How do they discipline dogs who are not behaving? How long are they left in kennels? Are they provided with grooming? How are the dogs separated?

Keywords that you never want to hear them suggest are “muzzles,” and “check chains.” Remember, this is meant to be a vacation for both you and your dog and while both of these training devices have a place (in some people’s training), improper use of either can cause significant physical and emotional damage to your pet.

In all, if you feel comfortable with the location after talking to them, make sure you check the online reviews and then get everything set up. Once you get to your destination, it is time for both you and your dog to enjoy your vacation!  Give your dog a vacation at the perfect Ft. Lauderdale pet resort and give yourself peace of mind!

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