Forest Lawn Cemetery in Clinton, CT: Part of a Healing Process

by | Jul 16, 2015 | Funeral Services

The Clinton, Connecticut area is home to many compassionate members of the funeral industry. They often partner with one another to make it easier for grieving families to arrange funerals. For instance, the professionals at Guildford Funeral Home help coordinate burials at Forest Lawn Cemetery in Clinton CT. Whether they are helping pre-plan funerals or dealing with immediate needs, their caring services help healing begin after loss.

Pre-Planning Lifts Future Burdens

It is becoming common for sensible senior citizens and the critically ill to arrange their own services and monuments. As a result, area funeral homes may work closely with memorial gardens such as Forest Lawn Cemetery in Clinton CT. They coordinate options that allow clients to save families many future expenses or decisions. They can order exactly the services, burials, cremations, and headstones they want. Pre-arrangements are often seen as loving gestures that ease burdens and help healing begin.

Cemeteries Offer Peaceful Resting Places

While some people choose simple cremations, many still value beautiful burial spots. Individuals may choose and pay for plots years in advance, while families often rely on funeral homes to help them find elegant resting places. This step is crucial to those who want to visit those they have lost. Memorial gardens often provide benches and acres of beautifully landscaped trees and lawns that are ideal for peaceful reflection. Knowing that family members are lying in such graceful spaces can help broken hearts begin to heal.

Funeral Services Include Custom Monuments

Cemetery staff, funeral homes, and monument specialists may coordinate efforts to help clients get the precise memorials they choose. Adults often know exactly what inscriptions, carvings, and even stone types they want. They can easily go online, to websites like, and order stonework years in advance. However, choosing fitting monuments after unexpected or children’s deaths can be challenging. As a result, caring monument designers often work with cemeteries to create meaningful custom headstones, markers, crypts, and even statues.

Cemeteries, monument builders, and funeral homes often work together to help grieving clients begin to heal. They do this through compassionate, professional pre-planning services and during immediate need counseling. As a result, they are able to design beautiful services, serene resting places and custom monuments. You can also visit them on Facebook for more information.

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