Camping in the City? Only if You Want to See It All!

When most people think of visiting major American cities and their surrounding areas, they likely think of a stay in overpriced hotels. While staying right in the heart of a city’s urban areas can be a great way to see, well, the side of buildings, there are more scenic, flexible, and cost-effective ways to tour your favorite locales.

Consider camping just outside your favorite city, and have the best of both worlds in a single vacation!

Roughing It

Camping is possible just about anywhere. While you will need to check the city’s laws and regulations about camping in public spaces, many are now welcome campers in specific locations within urban areas. This urban camping trend has taken off among millennials and younger adventurers, as the United States loses more and more open space – people still want to enjoy some time away from home.

Living Large

Of course, there are other ways to camp. Whether you’re out in the wilderness or camping near your favorite city, you can live in relative comfort by electing to rent and stay in a recreational vehicle – or bring your own. After all, there’s nothing that says all of your camping trips have to be someplace where cell phone service can’t reach you!

Oklahoma for Camping

Oklahoma is full of beautiful camping locations, which includes the areas surrounding major cities. Oklahoma City campgrounds can give visitors the perfect opportunity to balance a city trip with a comfortable camping experience.

If this kind of best-of-both-worlds vacation appeals to you, you’re not alone. Oklahoma City campgrounds welcome thousands of visitors every season. It’s the perfect way to unwind while also seeing the sights of major urban areas. For more information, contact your local campground or travel agent, and book your family’s trip today!

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