Three Maintenance Tips to Follow Between Inspections for Your Johns Creek HVAC System

The cost of cooling a home in the summer and heating it in the winter can sometimes be overwhelming. It seems like there is constantly a heat wave or a cold snap that sends your energy bills through the roof with no end in sight. Even if you have your Johns Creek HVAC system inspected on a yearly basis, there are a few maintenance tips you can follow to keep your HVAC system running properly between inspections as well.

Change Those Filters

HVAC companies recommend you change the filter in your Johns Creek HVAC system once a month. It’s easy enough to accomplish; filters aren’t super expensive and they can save you up to 15% on your energy bills in many cases. Changing the filter also helps with allergies or asthma symptoms should anyone in your house suffer from these conditions.

Remove Debris

While taking care of the unit on the inside of your home is important, you must take care of the unit on the outside as well. This means not letting vegetation grow up around the unit because it blocks the ability to pull air inside and cool your home. Make sure to remove all vegetation, debris or other blockages from around the unit periodically, usually once every couple of weeks.

Clean the Drainage Hole

Your HVAC unit should have a drainage hole outside near the unit. Make sure you clean out that drain periodically so you get good airflow into your home and cheaper energy bills to boot.

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