Can You Really Get Expect Help With Fear Of Flying?

Hoping on a plane and going on a vacation, a honeymoon or a business trip is all a day’s work for millions of people around the world. While people may have to fly for their job or personal reasons, it is estimated that as many as 40% of those individuals are uneasy flyers. These people need, but may not know where to turn, for help with fear of flying.

In the past, there were only two options for help with fear of flying. One was to visit your medical doctor and obtain a prescription for a sedative. Not only was this impractical for a business traveler, it leaves you arriving at your destination groggy and certainly not yourself.

The other option was to seek help from a mental health professional. This could include counseling or hypnotherapy, but often this was a longer process and it may have been problematic for people to make the required sessions.

Today there is a third option. This includes learning about flight safety, pilot training and aircraft from professional, licensed pilots.

The Reality

The reality is that a fear of flying is not a fear of flying; it is a fear of crashing.  It is a fear of those strange groans and whines you hear when the plane is in the air, the sudden tips of the wings or the unsettling vibrations you feel through the seat.

The reality is help with fear of flying starts with talking to a person who actually understands the reality of flying. The best professional to do this a licensed pilot with thousands of hours logged in flying through the sky, piloting the same type of plane you are planning to board.

What is Needed

What most people need for help with fear of flying is an understanding that those vibrations, noises and sudden movements of the plane are natural, normal and explainable. Once this is established, getting on the plane and knowing what to expect and why it is happening becomes much more comfortable.

With repeat flights, and the ability to ask a pilot questions about what to expect and anticipate, you can prepare in advance of the flight. There is no worrying about the “what-ifs” and “what-abouts”. You will feel comfortable in boarding the plane, taking your seat, and getting ready to head off to your destination.

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