Moving using Ford Cargo vans on Long Island

Moving house, regardless of how big or how small is never a pleasant experience. Packing everything up, moving it into the van, taking everything into the new house and unpacking is a big task to say the least. Of course, this is something that can be and is done by professional movers but not everybody lives in a big five bedroom house. For those relocating from a smaller home making the move using Ford Cargo vans on Long Island is a great option that many people tend to overlook. For these people a cargo van is the perfect solution.


You may be one of the lucky ones that live where there is plenty of parking or perhaps you have a large driveway, this is often not the case when you live in the New York area, urban dwellers everywhere have problems with parking. When moving day rolls around and you find that you are only assigned one space to park in or worse yet you have to parallel park out on the street this is when the benefit of having Ford Cargo vans on Long Island comes into play. A typical cargo van can be easily parked in an average spot and as the van is quite short it is easy enough to park on the street if that is the only option. If you do have to park the Cargo van parallel to the curb the side loading doors makes it easy to load and unload all your possessions.


If you are moving out of or into an apartment with a parking garage or there are low hanging tree branches or other overhangs between your house and the street Ford Cargo vans on Long Island will often allow you to maneuver in and under obstructions like this where larger vehicles will not. One thing you do not want to deal with on the day you are moving is getting the vehicle stuck. Of course it is always a good idea to look for signs indicating the clearance but Cargo vans have been designed to accommodate normal height restrictions.


You will be pleasantly surprised at just what you can get into a Cargo van. Sofas, mattresses and other similar size household possessions will fit comfortably. With payloads of over 1600 lbs and a spacious 130 cubic feet of cargo space you can get everything in and make the move quickly, getting back on your feet in no time.

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