Captive Screws are Used for Commercial and Consumer Products

Manufacturers of furniture, telecommunications, aerospace and military equipment count on a bevy of parts and components in the assembly of their products. One small but functional part that they all rely on is captive screws. A captive screw is specially designed to lock into position via a hole allowing easy set-up and removal of joining pieces. They are commonly used on assembly lines that produce high-volume products. Because they do not damage or clog the machinery, it is a versatile component in manufacturing.

Design Safety
Captive screws are usually hexagonal-head intended for using with specialized tools. Manufacturers can order these screws with standard heads or Philips to work with drill equipment or ordinary screwdrivers. Like conventional screws, these screws can be made in several configurations and sizes to meet design specification requirements. For added safety on the assembly line, this screw can also be designed to pivot back or retract to prevent cuts or scrapes to line workers and end consumers.

Consumer Uses
Military contractors will use captive screws in order to meet military standards that require safe and easy access to objects in need of repair. Commercial uses include furnishings which allows individuals to assemble products in their home. The screws require little manipulation to release and work with standard screwdrivers. The computer industry does solder the captive screws directly to their products for a permanent surface during assembly.

Other Types of Fasteners
Suppliers of quick access fasteners design a selection of screws and assemblies. The range temporary turn screws includes quarter-turn, captive plungers, flush mount panel, speed lead, and snap-in panel fasteners. The standard captive screws do provide a larger head for hand actuation. The screws are made of polished stainless steel to remove the potential for corrosion. There are suppliers that will provide low volume custom made screws in different drives and lengths.

Low or High Volume Orders
A supplier should be certified ISO 9001 and AS9100, have the necessary experience and a flock of happy customers. Regardless of whether you need low volume special order or larger quantities, a reputable supplier of fasteners and hardware can deliver the right part for your assembly line.

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