Three Common Issues That Require Air Conditioning Repair Services

Experiencing air conditioner problems can leave home owners frustrated and hot. Some air conditioner issues are simple to fix, and many times a home owner can get their unit working again. Other times, it will take the skill and experience of an air conditioning technician to fix the problem. Below, you’ll learn about common air conditioning problems and how they can be fixed by a professional who specializes in air conditioning repair services.

Dirty Filter and Blocked Ducts
When an air conditioner doesn’t seem to be cooling the house, this often occurs because the air filter inside the unit is dirty. Dust and dirt can quickly collect on an air filter, and this prevents the system from working as efficiently as it should. When the air ducts are blocked, also because of dirt and dust, this also causes the air conditioner to work harder to cool a home. When dust collects on the blower, this can also affect the performance of the air conditioner. Changing the air filter is a simple task that home owners can do themselves. Cleaning the air ducts or the blower is better left to a professional technician.

Electrical Issue
When an air conditioner doesn’t turn on at all, it’s most often due to an electrical problem. A home owner can check the circuit breaker or the fuses to see if this caused the problem. If not, a home owner should contact an experienced professional to examine the wiring system of the air conditioner.

Low Or No Refrigerant
When the refrigerant level gets low or it runs out of the unit due to a leak, a home owner will definitely have to contact a technician who specializes in air conditioning repair services. The technician will first inspect the unit to determine if there is a leak. After identifying the leak, the technician will make repairs to the unit before adding refrigerant.

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