Car Accident Attorneys in Upper Marlboro, MD Can Help Document Claims After a Rental Car Accident

When a person is in an accident while driving a rental car, they may be eligible for economic damages just as if they were driving a personal vehicle. In some cases, clients may be eligible even if they did not buy rental car coverage. Depending on the accident’s circumstances, the other driver’s or the victim’s insurance policy may cover the damages.

Filing an Insurance Claim After a Rental Car Accident

If a person suffers injuries in a rental car accident, they should notify their insurer just as they would after an accident in their own vehicle. For single-car accidents, the client may only deal with their insurer. Depending on the policy, the client may be able to recover economic damages.

Most insurance policies cover the cost of an accident in a rental car, but coverage may differ. Ask the insurer whether the policy includes such coverage. In most cases, liability insurance pays for damages caused to others while collision coverage may cover the client’s damages no matter who caused the accident.

If another person was involved in the accident, the client should notify both insurance companies. In cases involving the other person’s negligence, the client should file a claim against the other driver’s liability coverage to gain compensation for lost wages, medical bills, and other damages. Negligence must be proven, and damages must be established by car accident attorneys in Upper Marlboro, MD.

Is It Necessary to Buy Rental Car Coverage?

If a client rents a car and wonders whether they need rental car insurance, they should ask their insurance company whether their policy includes such coverage. In some cases, credit card companies offer some coverage. Once the client knows how much protection they have, they may decide whether to buy coverage through the rental car company. Clients should not overlap coverage, as it will not help them recover additional damages.

Get Claims Help Following a Rental Car Accident

When a client is in a rental car accident, they can file a claim with their insurer and, possibly, that of the other driver. The case may depend on the accident’s cause, the damages suffered, and the type of insurance coverage one has. For help in documenting a claim, contact us to speak to car accident attorneys in Upper Marlboro, MD.

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