Car Service in Tulsa: 4 Questions to Ask Your Service Specialist

Every car owner hates the dreaded trips to the car mechanic for maintenance and repairs. Often times, customers are left feeling taken advantage of and confused. This is usually because of the lack of transparency frequently experienced when dealing with car repair shops. Shopping around for the right mechanic can make a difference in time and cost spent to service your vehicle. Before trusting a specialist with your car, ask them a few questions. Their responses can help you determine whether they’re knowledgeable enough to work on your issue or service request.

Are They Willing To Give You a Written Estimate?

When shopping for a new service specialist, the price is a top concern. When unfamiliar with parts and labor costs, you want to avoid surprise charges. If they do provide written estimates, ask if it expires and when. With that time frame in mind, continue to shop around for Car Service in Tulsa to ensure you are receiving fair prices.

Are They Familiar With the Make and Model of Your Vehicle?

Many vehicle owners assume all mechanics know how to work on all cars. This is a big mistake, especially if driving a vehicle from a foreign manufacturer. If you happen to drive a Ford, GMC, Honda, Chevrolet, or Toyota, it will be easier to find a shop. Luxury brands such as Mercedes-Benz or Audi should be taken to specialized service providers.

Are Labor and Parts Covered By Warranty?

It is advised to avoid shops that offer no warranty or very limited warranties. Try to stick with shops that offer warranties for at least a year or 12,000 miles. This will decrease the likelihood of having to return for service and spending more money.

Do They Provide a Service Report?

Regular maintenance of your vehicle is a must, but keeping up with the services that have been performed, and when, can become difficult. After each service, your car service specialist should provide you with a printed report of everything that was inspected, fixed, or maintained. File these reports for your records just in case any problems arise from the service you received.

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