What Employees Should Ask Workplace Injury Attorneys In Waldorf, MD

In Maryland, worker-related injuries must be mitigated by maintaining the property and all machinery. Additionally, the employer must ensure that there aren’t any OSHA violations present at any time. These employers must also acquire worker’s compensation insurance for all workers. The following is information that all workers should ask workplace injury attorneys in Waldorf MD.

Are There Any Deadlines or Statutes of Limitation?

Yes, according to state laws, all worker-related accidents must be reported to the employer within one month. If they aren’t reported, the worker cannot file a claim according to the terms of the policy. Additionally, if the worker wishes to submit a legal claim against the employer or their insurer, they have a period of three years only.

Can the Worker Choose Their Own Doctor?

In some cases, yes, they can choose their own doctor. However, most worker’s compensation claims require them to see the doctor identified in the policy. These doctors provide care often through an urgent care facility that processes these claims. Typically, if the policy imposes any restrictions, the employer will provide the worker with this information.

What Does the Claim’s Adjuster Do?

The claim’s adjuster must assess the claim to determine if the worker qualifies for benefits. Most policies will provide payment for the initial medical treatment. However, if the injuries don’t qualify under the policy, the employer isn’t responsible for any further payments. This also disqualifies the worker for monetary benefits through the policy.

What Does the Worker Do if They Receive a Denial?

The worker will need to start a legal claim against their employer and the insurance company. The claim is requesting the benefits that are available through the policy. This includes the full payment for all medical requirements as well as lost wages.

In Maryland, worker-related injuries are the responsibility of the employer in most cases. However, if any worker violates the terms of the insurance policy, they won’t receive benefits. These violations include failing a drug or alcohol test as well as violating company safety policies. Workers who need to start a case consult workplace injury attorneys in Waldorf MD or contact us today.