Caring For Color Contact Lenses in Chicago

When someone wants to alter their appearance by changing the color of their eyes, purchasing Color Contact Lenses in Chicago is an option that will fulfill this desire. It is very important to care for contact lenses properly, so they do not cause injury. Here are some guidelines to follow to keep contact lenses clean and free from tears or rips.

Before someone inserts color contacts into their eyes, they should make sure they wash their hands with soap and water to remove any bacteria or debris which could be transferred to the eyeball. A saline solution should be used to rinse the contact lenses before inserting.

During the time the contact lenses are in the eye, the person wearing them may notice their eyes feel a bit dry. This is especially true with color lenses as the colored portion of each lens is thicker than a clear lens. To alleviate dryness, re-wetting drops should be placed in the eyes while the contact lenses are in place. This will instantly relieve the eyes. If the eyes continue to feel dry, the contact lenses should be removed, and glasses can be worn for a while to give the eyes some rest. You can visit here to get more information.

It is important to stay away from areas with excessive dust or dirt. When going to a dirty area, taking the contact lenses out and storing them properly is best. Glasses or safety goggles can be worn during this time to protect the eyes. Avoid rubbing the eyes while wearing contact lenses. This could cause one to rip and scratch the eye in the process.

When removing contact lenses from the eyes, the hands will need to once again be cleansed beforehand. A disinfecting solution can be rubbed over each lens to help loosen any protein particles from the surface. Afterward, an all-in-one solution or saline solution should be used to rinse the debris from the lenses.

If someone has further questions about properly caring for Color Contact Lenses in Chicago, they can contact a service like Tropical Optical Corp. This company would be able to offer advice to keep contact lenses in the best possible condition.

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