Custom Digital Printing in Santa Ana Techniques to Consider

Digital Printing in Santa Ana services offers a number of custom techniques and options to help and make any business stand out. They offer printing services for a number of different products including business cards, catalogs, notepads, fliers, bookmarks, greeting cards, brochures and more. The general idea behind all these services is to help and promote a business in a new or unique manner. However, since everyone else is using printing services, as well, many business owners may wonder how they can make something that truly stands out from all the rest. Some unique techniques to consider are highlighted here.

Die Cutting

This is the process that uses a machine to cut the foil, vinyl, fabric or paper for creating different shapes. Digital printing in the Santa Ana area services can create stickers that are in unique shapes or business cards that are different and unusual. Business owners can also cut shapes into the material. The options are vast and can be made to fit any business’s design and ideas.


Embossing is typically done on card stock and is the process of creating recessed and raised areas to make a design that stands out. Business owners can have the primary part of the design, such as the name of the business, raised so that it can be felt with the fingers. They can also do the opposite and have it recessed, much like carving the name into the paper. The intricate designs can help to create an almost 3D effect.


Foiling will work by creating a type of elegant look to the paper that is being used. Customers can choose colored foil or silver or gold to create these designs. The company name or logo can be printed with foil, which will help it to shine and stand out. In most cases, the process will involve using adhesive to create the design on the paper and then burnishing or pressing the foil onto the material.

The fact is that there are quite a few customization techniques that can be used to help create a unique design for any type of marketing material. Taking the time to consider all of the options will ensure that the desired, stand out design is achieved. This can be quite beneficial in getting the attention that the business wants to get more customers. Digital Printing offers a number of new options, keep these in mind when creating a marketing plan.

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