Checking Out Hydraulic Trailers

by | Jan 27, 2017 | Boat Trailers

One of the best option when purchasing a road trailer or a yard trailer that uses hydraulics is to choose a new trailer. Buying right from the manufacturer provides a few additional benefits to purchasing hydraulic trailers through a dealer.

Buying from the manufacturer allows for customization and modifications to suit your specific needs. This could include accommodations for different types of boats of perhaps even customized vessels that may not fit a traditional style and type of trailer. A top trailer manufacturer specializing in boat trailers will be able to design a safe, reliability and effective trailer for hauling on the road or moving these types of boats in a yard or marina.

Used Trailer Considerations

For those who choose to purchase used hydraulic trailers, there are some very important aspects to consider. If the frame is in good condition and there is no sign of any types of aftermarket welding or repairs, the trailer is most likely structurally sound.

However, the hydraulic system is more difficult to evaluate. As this can be a very costly repair it is important to take the time to examine all aspects of the hydraulics to make sure there is no evident damage.

Take a close look at all hydraulic lines and the couplers. Look for any stains that can indicate leakage in the hydraulic systems. While hoses and couplings can be replaced, if the system has been run with low fluid levels there can be significant damage to the cylinders and seals, which can be very costly to repair.

Remember, hydraulic systems work on the pressure of the fluid to move the cylinders. Leaks will not be visible unless the system is pressured, so make sure to see the hydraulic trailers operating under load and check again for any leaks, drips or other signs of problems with all of the cylinders.

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