Chimney Repair Contractors in Severna Park, MD Reduce Fire Hazards

It is important to keep your chimney in good repair and to clean it regularly. Doing so increases its level of safety and reduces any problems with fire, smoke, or moisture. You can upgrade your chimney by having it rebuilt, waterproofing the brick, or installing a chimney cricket.

For example, chimney repair contractors in Severna Park, MD are often contacted about rebuilding chimneys. Chimney rebuilds can be partial or cover the entire chimney. Roof line chimney rebuilding is performed as well. A partial chimney rebuild does not require the use of scaffolding as the work covers a smaller chimney or just the top part of a bigger chimney. This type of repair requires adding a new crown made of concrete.

What Is the Condition of Your Chimney?

For a total chimney rebuild, chimney repair contractors must completely tear down a chimney and add a new concrete crown. During the service, the hearth, firebox, or smoke chamber do not need to be removed. This type of complete rebuild is required when the chimney is severely degraded and its structural integrity has been compromised.

Roof Line Rebuilds

Chimney repair contractors that handle roof line rebuilds tear down the chimney to the flashing, then repair, installing a new concrete crown. Scaffolding is needed for this repair.

Waterproofing Services

Because brick or masonry materials are porous, waterproofing is often applied by chimney repair contractors to preserve a chimney. The application prevents future deterioration from water damage. The water-repellant material provides as much as a decade of protection, thereby preventing the need for a chimney repair or rebuild.

Reviewing Chimney Services Online

If you have not had your chimney inspected for quite some time, now is the time to do so. While cleaning a chimney will reduce fire hazards, so will certain repairs. As noted, repairing the chimney can also reduce the threat of moisture in your home. By taking care of your chimney, you can prevent a larger problem later. Learn more about the various repairs and chimney services when you visit domain URL online.

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